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Evolution is a widely used term that evokes broadly different meanings.

People may refer to the evolution of a genre of music, the evolution of language, and evolution of a specific design, etc.

In these instances, evolution involves a process of conscious change, it employs the use of creative talent. The word itself does not denote an absence of intelligence. Neither does it denote a lack of purpose or design.


The picture of the bird and plane suggests a good example.

We may rightly say that the plane’s wing is an evolutionary step inspired by the design of a bird’s wing. And also that the raising of the plane’s landing gear to limit turbulence in flight is a conscious evolutionary adaption based on the efficient function by which a bird raises its landing gear during flight. Features of the bird have been intelligently incorporated into a creation of man’s making. The bird came first, the plane evolved later.

While the word ‘Evolution’ is used in so many ways, the term ‘Evolution of Species’ denotes that something (actually everything within the organism’s makeup) arose spontaneously in living creatures. Through evolution — genes, RNA, DNA, individual cells, digestion, sight, hearing, touch, hair, skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, intelligence, consciousness, and more — arrived on the scene. Prior to their evolution, all these were attributes that previously did not exist in the parent species. All these arose progressively in minuscule steps from ancient forebears who themselves did not possess these features.

Of those who recognize evolution as factual, the vast majority accept that the Theory of Evolution implies that no guidance whatsoever is given to the process. It has no actual purpose. Evolution has no end goal. It is understood to proceed slowly, functioning solely through random chance.

Whether it is a man, a mouse, or a microbe — all are equal in respect to evolution. The optimum outcome is that the organism can breed and continue to survive.

Graham Dull
Dubbo NSW Australia





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3 comments on “Discussion

  1. Ray Mahupete

    Evolution-in as much as we would like to believe that it is responsible for all that is on this earth i beg to differ basing my facts on the following:i)If indeed we cane from monkeys then why they have they stopped evolving since the earth is still rotating and that movement has an effect on all things that evolved?
    ii)Why are we not all equal with animals in terms of brain capacity and intelligence?We might have similarities BUT humans are superior to animals.
    iii)Since the time that things evolved why have they stopped?

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